Saturday, October 6, 2012

Surgery- what surgery?

We are more than 4 months post-surgery and it seems like so long ago.  It's strange- something that was such a MAJOR part of our life only half a year ago is now something I barely think about.  Sure, I have the little screws sticking out of her head (hhhmmm....Frankenstein for Halloween?) or the remaining scabs on the incision to remind me but with all the action of our daily life those things go unnoticed.
The first few days after getting rid of the helmet were interesting ones.  Mallory didn't realize that when you had a tantrum on the floor and threw your body down, it actually hurt to have your head hit the hardwoods.  Only took her twice and now she does a slo-mo tantrum until she is completely on the floor and lets loose.  Within 3 days it was life as usual.
We have another follow-up appointment in 2 weeks- I am positive we will get good news.