Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's been a while....

Hello everyone!!  We had our post-op appointment 9 days later and the doctor was very happy with how things were healing.  She commented on the swelling but the incision looked great.  We tried on the smaller helmet and her head was still a bit swollen.  We also talked about our little Houdini- she is able to pull out the mesh covering while the helmet is still on!!
Her recovery has been amazing!  She is moving around like nothing happened.  At this point, the swelling has gone done and the incision looks good.  We are now in the smaller helmet with nothing underneath.
I remember reading that one of the hardest things about the surgery is seeing a new head shape and seeing how different your child looks.  I can't lie- it has been strange.  Her face is just not hers....but it is gorgeous- just the same as it was before.  Damn- I love that girl.  She has been through so much but just keeps going like nothing has happened.  She doesn't even try to take off the helmet!!   Only about 2 more months- yay!!